The site consists of two land plots with the total size of 6.06 ha, for which long-term lease agreements with Riga International Airport are signed until 2054 and 2055 respectively. On 4.6 ha of the land plot logistics and distribution centre has been developed.

The remaining area located in the southern part of the overall land plot with the size of 1.45 ha is reserved for the second phase of the project. The land plot has been placed under cultivation, possesses solid surfacing and drainage system, sand cushion, prime quality land has been removed, rough design project has been approved.

According to the Planning and Architectural Assignment of the land plot, the main determinative construction parameters for the second phase of the project include:

  • The maximum height of constructed buildings is 62 meters (15 floors),
  • The maximum construction site intensity is 160%,
  • The minimum free territory is 10%

The requirements would allow the development of a business and conference centre, which could incorporate office premises, conference facilities and premises for retail trade, rendering of services and catering and a hostel. The total area of such a centre could occupy up to 35 000 sq m, where the effective lettable area could be around 25 000 to 30 000 sq m. Another option is the construction of the warehouses with the total area of 10 000 sq m.

The project may be completed within one to two years of the commencement of construction.